About Us

Our purpose for this website is to provide fresh cracked accounts, cracking tools, tutorials, configs, and know-how (along with some other cool plugins, software, scripts, tips / tricks that we find cool) . All accounts posted on this site are only found on the internet by us, not cracked by us. So there is nothing illegal about this website. We simply find the accounts that are posted all across the internet and repost them here. Therefore we are not responsible for the cracking of accounts, and we don’t know first hand who cracked them.

With that being said, please keep in mind that such activities you may read about on this site are illegal in many states. So we urge our readers to always stay safe and be aware of laws in your area. Just because you read how to crack on this site doesn’t mean you should go out and actually do it. Anything on this site is strictly for educational purposes. Thanks.