Uproxy (proxy scraper / checker)

Hey everybody, today I found my new favorite pytool. THat’s right, I actually found one that I like better than Netghost. It’s called Uproxy, it’s very lightweight and it has a nice built in list for scraping proxies, and it checks the proxies and it’s FAST. I would have to say better than Netghost.

Netghost is pretty good but I don’t like the options for exporting and saving your proxies.
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AddMeFast Bot (unlimited points)

Ok guys this bot is working great. You can call it Add Me Fast Demon, whatever you choose to call it, it really works and can get you tons of points very quickly.

If you don’t have an Addmefast account, or if you need another one, first follow this link to sign up.

Sign up here

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Zevera Proxyless Cracker

zevera proxyless cracker

This tool works very well, if you want to crack zevera accounts to get you a free premium. I used this tool to crack several zevera.com premium accounts.

It’s very simple to use, and it’s proxyless so no need to gather proxies first.

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