Account x1

The new streaming service by AT&T and Direct TV offers streaming movies and TV Shows via your pc, android, apple, device. I only watched for a little while, but try it out and leave a comment and tell us if you liked it.

I will start crackig more of these accounts, these are hand cracked by me so the account shonuld still work.

Login to service here:

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Uproxy (proxy scraper / checker)

Hey everybody, today I found my new favorite pytool. THat’s right, I actually found one that I like better than Netghost. It’s called Uproxy, it’s very lightweight and it has a nice built in list for scraping proxies, and it checks the proxies and it’s FAST. I would have to say better than Netghost.

Netghost is pretty good but I don’t like the options for exporting and saving your proxies.
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AddMeFast Bot (unlimited points)

Ok guys this bot is working great. You can call it Add Me Fast Demon, whatever you choose to call it, it really works and can get you tons of points very quickly.

If you don’t have an Addmefast account, or if you need another one, first follow this link to sign up.

Sign up here

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Semrush proxyless config (sentrymba) Sentry config for search engine site semrush. you can crack premium accounts and free accounts but it is a fairly fast config , but don’t run over 5 bots. Happy cracking.

Proxies: Proxyless
Combos: Email:pass (email combos)
# of Bots: 3-5 )MAX)
cracked account
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Ok guys, sorry for no updates but the server was down for a while. Anyway just back with a quick update to let you guys know the site is back online. And the second thing I’m posting is a premium account you guys can use for the premium link generator site called You can also use the torrent downloader. Another cool thing is you can use the premium links to upload to other file hosting sites, unlike zevera where you can only download to the ip address that you convert the link.

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