Netflix Sentry Config

This cracking config is for sentry MBA for It is a fairly fast config. Here are the recommended settings:
Bots: 10-20
Proxies: yes
Combo Type: email:pass combos

Feel free to use this config just make sure to keep bots at <20 for best results.
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New proxyless Sentry Config for you to use, this one for It has no capture, but you can crack accounts and this config is very fast.

10khits is a traffic exchange site that you can surf for credits and then receive website traffic to your site.

You can earn points fairly fast, or just simply crack an account that has points, or better yet, is a premium account which has more features.
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Zevera Proxyless Cracker

zevera proxyless cracker

This tool works very well, if you want to crack zevera accounts to get you a free premium. I used this tool to crack several premium accounts.

It’s very simple to use, and it’s proxyless so no need to gather proxies first.

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Havij 1.17 Pro

Havij is a sql vulnerability software that works awesome. It will automate the process of sql injection and works very well. I have seen certain releases of the software and most of them don’t work right. This works great.
To use you simply install havij from the setup file. Then you place the loader.exe file into the same folder as Havij (probably c:/program files/ ipsec team/havij/. Then you must rigbht click on loader.exe and run as administrator.
From there you can enter any details for registration. The loader opens up Havij and you’re good to go.

To use the software itself is easy, you just put in a URL of a vulnerable site and hit go and it will run and do it’s thing, then you can see the databases and tables and download them. Pretty cool software.

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Netflix Account

Here is some Netflix Accounts that I just cracked. Will add more later. You must leave a comment to see the link.
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