[sentry config] Bangbros.com

Here is a cracking config for sentry, for you all to have fun with. It’s for www.bangbros.com. This config works good at the time of this post.

Please note that bangbros has been banning proxies really easily nowadays. So make sure you have some good proxies, and make sure you have enough of them. Then get a good combo list for porn sites and you’re good to go.

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Cracking Tutorial For Beginners

Here is the beginners guide to cracking. It covers a variety of topics, which will build a good foundation for becoming a good cracker. It will cover topics such as creating a good combo list, scraping and testing proxies, and preparing your combo list for the site you are cracking. I am confident that after reading this you will be ready to start cracking.

If you like this cracking tutorial, please feel free to leave your comments.

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CSS Hero v1.6

I know this isn’t cracking related but I was just going to share a few wordpress plugins with you that I like. This plugin is called CSS Hero, v1.6.

CSS Hero is a wordpress plugin that enables you to select any element on your site and edit the CSS properties for it. You can select any text, box, basically anything and edit all the css codes. Another cool feature is you can preview the changes you made in real time, and there is a history feature so if you screw something up you can go back and restore at certain points.

Pretty cool plugin, and I’m happy to share the fully nulled version with you guys.

Download CSS Hero v1.6 below:


Paypal Sentry Config

Ok guys I have a nice config to share with you guys today. You can crack paypal accounts, with this sentry mba config.
For whatever reasons most forums don’t want this config posted around (maybe they think it’s unethical?*shrugs*). But either way I tested this config myself, and although it isn’t the fastest config, It works and you can crack paypal accounts with it.

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10khits.com (proxyless)

New proxyless Sentry Config for you to use, this one for 10khits.com. It has no capture, but you can crack accounts and this config is very fast.

10khits is a traffic exchange site that you can surf for credits and then receive website traffic to your site.

You can earn points fairly fast, or just simply crack an account that has points, or better yet, is a premium account which has more features.
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