AddMeFast Bot (unlimited points)

Ok guys this bot is working great. You can call it Add Me Fast Demon, whatever you choose to call it, it really works and can get you tons of points very quickly.

If you don’t have an Addmefast account, or if you need another one, first follow this link to sign up.

Sign up here

Here is a little gif I made showing it adding points to addmefast. It didn’t take me long at all to get these points on my account:

addmefast bot

This isn’t like other outdated tricks that no longer work. This addmefast bot works with all options as of September 2016.

So sign up for an account, and download the software and input your accounts to start getting points. I appreciate it if you sign up with my link for Addmefast, and I know you will all love this software. I almost have 1000 points and today is the first day I’ve fired up the bot in a while.

Well it’s pretty straightfoward to use the app. Make sure you set the delay settings (i usually use 05-25 second delay) to ensure your addmefast account doesn’t get banned. Also it may be a good idea to start with a fresh addmefast account Hope you all enjoy this addmefast point hack.

Download The Addmefast Bot Below:


Password for the zip file:


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