Uproxy (proxy scraper / checker)

Hey everybody, today I found my new favorite pytool. THat’s right, I actually found one that I like better than Netghost. It’s called Uproxy, it’s very lightweight and it has a nice built in list for scraping proxies, and it checks the proxies and it’s FAST. I would have to say better than Netghost.

Netghost is pretty good but I don’t like the options for exporting and saving your proxies.

Here check out a screenshot:

proxy tools

It’s so lightweight, it’s only like 56kb, and it checks proxies really fast. I just used the settings that it came with out of the box, and it worked really good. So I figured I would share it with you guys.

SO go ahead and try it. Feel free to download, share, comment, and have a good day.


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